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Conditions of Use

style="colour: rgb(255, 102, 0);"> 1 Terms of Use 1 The deliveries, services and offers of the contractor (manufacturers, retailers) are exclusively based on these terms and conditions. These apply to all contracts that the contractor offered goods with the customer (buyer, customers) about the contractor / closing services or benefits.
2 The contractor's staff, particularly telephone support is not authorized to make verbal agreements with the clients in connection with the contract, differ from the Order of the contractor (including online data entry screens) or these terms and conditions.

Medium"> < span class = "title_12c"> 2 Contract

style="font-size: larger">
1 The presentation of products in our online shop is not a legally binding offer, but a non-catalog dar "Order Payment Paid" by clicking the button, you place a binding order for the goods in your cart. The confirmation of receipt of your order along with the acceptance of the order immediately after sending through automated e-mail. With this e-mail confirmation of the purchase contract has been concluded. The customer is bound to his order 14 calendar days. 2 Relevant to compliance with the time limit is the point at which the print data is sent to the contractor. 3 All agreements reached between the contractor and the client for the purpose of executing this contract, (by fax or e-mail) in writing. 4 For orders with delivery to third parties, the customer shall be as principal. If delivery to third parties for their benefit or if the recipient of the delivery by the appropriation and use of other delivery enriched in other ways, as purchaser and recipient of delivery shall be jointly as principal. With the granting of such an order, the ordering party implicitly, that consent to this purpose. 5 When ordering on behalf of third parties, regardless of whether in its own name or, customer and invoice recipient shall jointly as principal. A later amendment bill, even after invoicing the customer's request to a different invoice recipient is the tacit assumption of debt this Debtor. With the granting of such an order, the ordering party implicitly, that the consent of the invoice recipient exists for this. 6 Obviously, the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany or against ethical values ​​offending print jobs are not processed. any provision of this Agreement 7.Sollten invalid or unenforceable invalid or unenforceable after the conclusion of the validity of the remaining provisions. In place of the invalid or unenforceable provision by a valid and enforceable provision should come, come the effects of the economic objective of the next, who have followed the Parties to the invalid or unenforceable provision. The foregoing provisions shall apply in the event that the agreement turns out to be incomplete. < span class = "title_12c"> 3 Prices, price changes < br /> 1 The prices include the legal VAT a. 2 All at www.prinfolien.de class="cyanText"> shown prices are given including standard delivery within Germany. In addition, we offer an additional charge other individual delivery models whose cost will be displayed in your cart. 3 Subsequently, ie after acceptance by the contractor, prompted changes to the order will be invoiced. A modification of an order shall also be any change in the order data (invoice recipient, delivery address, shipping method, payment method, etc.). 4 Changes of delivered or transmitted data and similar preparations, which are ordered by the Customer will be charged separately and with one hour rate of € 40, -. Charged (incl. VAT)

style="background-color: #c0c0c0"> < span class = "title_12c"> 4 Execution / approval by the client
1 The Contractor shall execute all orders, that is unless agreed otherwise by fax or email, on the basis of the delivered or transmitted by the client print data. The data must be delivered in the file formats specified in the order forms provided by the contractor. For different file formats to the client, the contractor can not guarantee error-free performance, but this format is approved in writing by the contractor. The customer is fully responsible for the accuracy of this data, even if data transfer or disk errors, but these are not the responsibility of the contractor. 2 Deliveries of all types by the principal or by a third party, and this also applies to volumes of data transmitted engaged by it, subject to any audit requirement on the part of the contractor. This does not apply obviously not workable or unreadable data. For data transmissions, the principal shall use appropriate protective programs for viruses before sending them to the latest technical standards. Data backup is the sole responsibility of the customer. The contractor is entitled to make copies. < span class = "title_12c"> 5 Rights of the client for defects / warranty
1 If the / the delivered goods / goods / services not agreed quality or not suitable for stipulated in the contract or the use of general or has he / she is not the properties that the client after the public Äuß ; can expect modified later by the Contractor, the Contractor shall remedy by basically subsequent delivery of conforming goods after proper complaint. Multiple subsequent delivery is permitted. Subsequent performance fails twice, the authority may, at his discretion reduce the purchase price accordingly or withdraw from the contract. 2 For color reproduction slight deviations from the original can not be rejected in all manufacturing processes. The same goes for technical reasons, the comparison between other templates, such as proofs and expression data, even if they were created by the contractor, and the final product. 3 The Contractor shall be responsible for variations in the quality of the material used up to the amount of the order. The liability does not apply if the customer provides the material. If the client has made on demand no expression of the pressure data are available, and also removed any proof or impression made by the contractor, the contractor is free from any liability. Complaints are not recognized in this context. 4 Lack of a part of the goods shall not entitle to reject the entire delivery, unless the partial delivery is of no interest for the client. 5 Further claims - based on whatever legal reason - the client are excluded. For damages not relating to the goods supplied, the Contractor assumes no liability. Exclusion of this particular loss of profits or other financial damages to the client are included. This also applies to all damages caused by the employees, representatives and agents of the Contractor. 6 Be the delivered item / product / service changes made by the client or third parties, the Contractor's liability is excluded, unless the client to know that the changes of the fault or damage not are causal. 7 All the contractor handed over shall be treated with care of this. Come a liability for damage or loss does not accept this. 8 A liability of the contractor for normal wear and tear. 9 Claims for defects against the contractor Only the direct authority to and are not transferable. 10 If a defect is the fault of the contractor, the contracting authority may require compensation under the conditions specified in § 9th < span class = "title_12c"> 6 Liability for damages
1 Claims for damages of the customer due to obvious defects of the delivered goods shall be excluded if it does not signal the defect within a period of two weeks after delivery of the goods to the contractor. 2 The Contractor's liability for damages, regardless of the legal grounds (in particular in case of delay, defects or other breaches of duty) is limited to the contract-typical, foreseeable damage. 3 The above limitations do not apply to the liability of the contractor for willful intent or gross negligence, for guaranteed characteristics, injury to life, body or health or under the Product Liability Act. 4 Sent the contractor at the request of the customer the goods at a place other than the place, the risk passes to the customer as soon as the Contractor the goods to the forwarding agent, the carrier or otherwise to execute the dispatch person or institution has shipped. This does not apply if the customer is a consumer. 5 Customer's claims for damages are subject to the following provisions excluded if the damage was caused by intent or gross negligence. This also applies to slightly negligent breaches of duty by our vicarious agents. 6 The foregoing indemnity shall not apply unless we have negligently breached a material contractual duty, our liability is limited in this case to the contract-typical, foreseeable damage. In particular, the Contractor shall not be liable for loss of business profits or lost savings. This also applies to any damage caused by our employees, representatives and agents. Any shipment, which has extraordinary damage is the client to accept only under the determination of the damage by the shipper / carrier. As far as this is not done, invalidate all claims for damages therefrom against us. 7 Appointment of a data check! When ordering a data check, we check your print data relating to resolution, cropping, file format and font embedding. This additional option you can order for any product to do so. We accept no guarantee for spelling - and typographical errors, color reproduction or problems caused by exceeding the maximum ink coverage of 300%. What is not checked, the overprint settings and the position of folding and perforation, since design considerations can stand in the foreground. 8 Furthermore, it is necessary that the customer notifies when a file representing the front and back of the product. When only one side was sent to the contractor, the product is also printed on one side only, unless it has been noted in writing in the contract. 9 For folders inside and outside must be clearly defined. Just stating the accuracy of the data can use are guaranteed. 10 For watermark below 15%, the Contractor shall not be liable. 11 All records that are specified in a different color mode than be converted automatically without notification by the contracting authority in the required color profile. < span class = "title_12c"> 7 copyright
1 The print and electronic publications are required by content requirements of the client. The contractor has no effect on those contents. Therefore, the principal is liable to the contractor that he (including text and images), has appropriate rights to use, transfer and release of all transmitted data. Furthermore, the customer warrants that no rights or copyrights of third parties are infringed by the production of the given by him in print, and the print neither anti-competitive nor contain content contrary to public morals. If the contractor used by third parties whose rights are infringed by the use of the templates provided by the client to complete, the client provides the contractor from all related liabilities and expense free. < span class = "title_12c"> 8 Copyright
1 For services rendered by the Contractor on behalf of the client services, particularly graphic designs, images and text tags, layouts, etc., the contractor retains all rights (copyright). The customer pays with his payment for this work only the work performed themselves, but not the intellectual property rights, especially the right of further reproduction. The copyright to the client or a third party against payment to be transferred, if this is agreed in writing. The rights are in this case only upon payment of the agreed fee in the property of the client or the third party. 2 There is no obligation to release the contractor in terms of intermediate products such as data, lithographs or printing plates, which are made to produce the final product due. Divergent agreements are possible and must be agreed in writing. < span class = "title_12c"> 9 data and contract documents
1 The data obtained by the client due to the transaction data is stored exclusively for editing in the home of the contractor. 2 All brought in by the principal or sent things, especially templates, data and media are archived only by written agreement and a special allowance on the date of delivery of the final product out. This should be insured, this has to get in the absence of agreement, the client itself. 3 Data on CD / DVD / USB flash drive or other data carriers and other contract documents can not be returned. 4 Note: The Customer takes note that the contractor data from the contract (in accordance with § 28 of the Federal Data Protection Act) stores for the purpose of data processing and reserves the right to use the data as necessary for the fulfillment of the contract, third parties (eg, parcel services insurance) to be transmitted. 5 Unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing, the Contractor shall apply in connection with orders shall not be considered confidential. 6 On contract products we can, with the consent of the client in an appropriate way point for us. A consent by the contracting authority may only be refused if he has an overriding interest. 7 We reserve the right, without the express consent of the client, copies of the orders as a quality sample to send to third parties. < span class = "title_12c"> 10 Applicable law, place of performance and jurisdiction
1 These Terms and Conditions and the entire legal relationship between the client and the contractor the right of the Federal Republic of Germany. 2 The provisions of the CISG will not apply. 3 The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods dated 11.04.1980 (CISG) does not apply. 4 If any provision in these Terms and Conditions or any provision in any other agreement be or become invalid, this shall not affect the validity of all other provisions or agreements shall not be affected. 5 Jurisdiction is 56068 Koblenz



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